Well, I’m 33 today.  What have I learned?  Here’s an extremely abbreviated list:  cling to Christ, there’s always room to grow (except around the waistline) and i’ll never please everybody. By now in my life I’ve had the opportunity to be lied to, cheated on and used.  By this time in my life I’ve lied, cheated and used.  My favorite snack before bed is carbs and my favorite cup of coffee is the bottomless one.

I’m an imperfect wife, mother, friend and boss.  In this I hold true.  I am so very, very imperfect.  But in this imperfection, my precious Lord will be glorified because he is my guide and my remedy.  He is my guide and my remedy.

Christ is my guide and my remedy.

I have started roughly six blogs in my 33 years.  I might keep a couple of them.  My hope is to combine them all into one here.  I want to help others avoid my mistakes in life… and gardening…and maybe cooking…and not finishing college before the age of 33!!! (stay in school kids. trust me.)

Okay. Intro done.  Me and my Linford Detweiler background music will go now.


marital advice.

Ladies.  If you are in the vicinity of “the mood,” do not let your husband do this to his face and then ask him to talk in a “Boston accent.”  Your mood will turn from “the mood” to uncontrollable fits of laughter.